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Archives » Purchasing from the marketplace..
Year 14 Day 25 10:36
Sylvin Macflint

When purchasing tangible goods (ships/vehicles), from the NPC marketplace is there an option to have the goods transported to a Centrepoint trading station near me? I know there was talk a while back about making the private trade 1s and 2s on some sort of trade route for the marketplace, when they took away the abilities to bid from them. Thank you for your responses..

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 14 Day 25 10:49
Year 14 Day 25 11:05
No i dont think there's such option for the moment. Youll have to send someone pick it up with a ship in order to get your purchased assets.

Year 14 Day 25 15:25
Brand Malden

Trading stations and commerce centers are used to access the market, but a trading faction needs to own the facility. Joruba Trading Corporation, Centerpoint Market and The Guild Bank all have public accesses listed. You should be able to find links to all 3 in the useful links thread:



Year 14 Day 25 17:07
As Raak said, currently there is no option for NPC transport of the stuff you buy from there - you will have to organise a pickup through another player.


Year 14 Day 25 17:20
Sylvin Macflint

Thank you..

Year 14 Day 30 18:47
Rho Karn

Ya, i only buy ships through the Market(less chance of being docked). I have had a lot of docked items that are a pain to get to through the Market.