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Archives » Lost Souls....with their old skills?
In relation to this...


Dropped characters were previously given a skill set that in most cases was completely different than what they had before....in order to prevent people from spawning custom NPC's with overpowered combat stats.

Now that these characters are in a separate category from custom NPC's will we be seeing a reset for their skills so that they can be allocated to match their RP roles rather than being generic marathon runners? This is presuming of course that a reversion to their prior builds is not feasible....in which case, will we be seeing one of those?

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Why does this question move to the top of the board with no new info every day or so?


Derrik Thynite

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Still no answer given to this question....

Kana, the recent GNS post says:

NPC skills will be changing in the future (including currently existing NPCs). Currently, NPCs start with a full set of skills comparable to a player character, so riflemen have skill points in Space and R&D, etc.

This will be adjusted so NPCs will only start with skills relevant to their NPC type. This will require substantial recoding, so an ETA on this change is not yet known.

This suggests to me that Lost Soul skills will be implemented along with the other changes to reg'lar NPCs, after a few hundreds hours of recoding.

My Sanny Heavy Weapons thugs are waiting on pins and needles. That'd be hand grenade pins and Zenji needles, of course.

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Don't know, couldn't say yet. They're not really priority, I have to admit. I'll try to bring it up when we're working on the new NPC stuff after the backend part is done being recoded.