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Year 14 Day 26 18:26
Rho Karn

Will there be a skill reset when choosing one of the new races? Will there be a limit to how many times you can change, or is it a TIME frame limit? Say I wanted a skill reset so I choose another race and then choose my previous one? If already force sensative will that change with a race change?


Year 14 Day 26 18:43
Skill reset: no

Limit: I believe once now, and another one each time a new race is uncovered (though that might change), but only to that new race, not to any others.

FS: you won't loose it, but obviously your FS % chance will change if the races are different. I don't know how it would affect re-roll chances (ie if you just went lvl 6 and was tested and found negative, I don't think changing race will reset that and give you another attempt without levelling up to 11).


Year 14 Day 26 22:17
Rho Karn

ok, thanks.


Year 14 Day 27 0:41
According to Jesfa there is a skill reset.

You're essentially creating a new character, as far as your character page is concerned. All your skills are refunded, and you get to once more choose your priorities.

- Jesfa

Year 14 Day 27 1:18
Vaas Dae`skal

I didn't get to rechoose priorities, but you do get a skill reset

Year 14 Day 27 3:14
You do rechoose priorities - you need to drag and drop them around like before. Anyway, as Mikel pointed out and as you may notice, a skill reset was included.


Year 14 Day 27 4:04
The sim news post already mentioned the skill reset, but it is now in red so people stop overlooking it, since it keeps being asked again. |:



Year 14 Day 27 13:20
So to confirm.

When turning to another race you get one skill reset which is already confirmed.

For future races we can switch to those future races when they are uncovered and only them which is confirmed within the 30 day time limit.

First question, when switching to future races as they are uncovered do they come with a skill reset as well or even the possibility of rechoosing priorities?

Wanting to make sure so that if this one makes a race change this one will know not to assign skills just in case a future race catches this ones eye and a skill reset or priority rechoosing is not possible. Sorry if this has been covered already.

Year 14 Day 27 18:45
It is possible. I'd say the reason it is being done as it is the easiest way to deal with racial points moving around and avoiding all the nastiness of no longer having enough points to stay with the skill levels etc.