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Year 14 Day 27 20:05
Rekk Ak`Kir

So why does everyone who change races get a total respec of their stats and a second start. While those like me who decide to stay the same race not get the chance to change stats?

Year 14 Day 27 22:21
It is because there was a skill reset a few months back, and this reset is purely to avoid issues with the race skill mods changing and having to work around those - easier to just reset the skills and resuse the tool.


Year 14 Day 27 23:34
Rekk Ak`Kir

you should make the tool allow people to choose their own race as their choice thus resetting their skills....very easy fix and everyone gets to change along with those who switch races...

Year 14 Day 28 0:21
When going through the current process, isn't it possible to simply choose the same race as the one you currently have? That would effectively give you the plain character reset you're looking for, right?



Year 14 Day 28 0:26
Rekk Ak`Kir

No its not i tried it as soon as the tool came out

Year 14 Day 28 1:47
The reset, as Ellias pointed out, is just to compensate for the races not having the same bonus points.

Hence why we didn't respec the entire combine again. Want a respec? Change race. >.>