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Archives » Problem with trophy equipping
Year 14 Day 28 18:51
For some weird reason, i havent been able to equip the trophys Varactyl Plume and Gizka Leg to the hands of my charackter and therefore havent been able to claim them. The only way of picking them up, was to put them into the heavy belt my char was wearing. (I tried to drop all objects i had on me and picking em up, but still no success)


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Year 14 Day 29 13:15
Sylvin Macflint

I've noticed a recently posted bug report about a similar issue.
A go around until resolved may be able to load it directly onto entity/ship and claim later. Good luck.
Also can double check your weight/carry limits.

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 14 Day 29 15:05
Year 14 Day 29 22:19
had the same thing happen with a reek horn, new trophies must not have been coded right, The bunny fixed it for me though

Year 14 Day 30 8:10
Kendall Holm

I do believe it is a database issue not a coding issue. I think Jesfa forgot to put where the items can be equipped to.


Year 14 Day 31 14:07
I want my Gizka leg =(


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Year 14 Day 31 14:18