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Year 14 Day 32 23:09
Rho Karn
Rho Karn
I know thw NPC shops are on homeworlds, but is there a site that lists there specific location? It's not like it is a security risk. Would be very useful. If not if any one knows the exact location of a NPC shop let me know and I will put together a list in the traders lounge for future use.

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Year 14 Day 32 23:22
Not currently as the old listing became defunct and was deleted. I did already ask for it to be re-created, though, so here's hoping.



Year 14 Day 33 9:42
Is there a place this "List" could be compiled from?

Year 14 Day 33 14:38
There is an NPC shop on every homeworld, most often in the same city as the starport but not always (Tatooine is a notable exception, I believe).

It can be pulled from the database, I'll look into getting it added to the Rules somewhere.

Year 14 Day 33 18:42
Early version up on dev, will probably be synced over soonish:

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Year 14 Day 35 22:20
How do we re-enter a shielded planet (Tattooine had no shop in the spaceport where I spawned)? I ascended from the spaceport, traveled over Mos Eisley, but when I descended to use the shop, I'm blocked by shielding.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I don't know if I did the correct thing or not, but I messaged the leader of the faction owning the planet?/sector? etc, asking permission.

Year 14 Day 35 22:25
In order to get through a shield you need to be given permission by those that are in control of the planet. Which essentially means you need to contact the faction that owns the planet which you have done.

However, those that own the planet do not have to give you access and overall it depends on the planet, faction and why you want to get through their shield. Though it is always a good idea to ask to make sure which you have done.

Year 14 Day 36 0:06
Thank you Coran! It seems I've followed the correct protocol in this event. I'll wait and see if I'm given permission to shop. It is kind of awkward that a racial spawn point is controlled by a player-run faction rather than Darkness, but no matter. There's a whole galaxy out there to shop from. =)

Year 14 Day 36 16:37
You also can get onto worlds via the NPC travel system if there is an NPC travel starport (all racial homeworlds have one). But you'd have to travel to a different planet first.

Year 14 Day 36 17:22
Thanks Mikel! :)