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Year 14 Day 33 13:36
If you have two factions say one is a weapons faction and the other is an armor faction and they merge will they get two tech trees?


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Year 14 Day 33 13:50
Once a merger has been accepted by both parties, the faction (AKA Faction A) sending the original request will merge into the receiving faction(AKA Faction B), dissolving Faction A.
Every asset owned by Faction A shall then be merged into Faction B, including unique datacards and members. However, when merging datacards, datacards only get merged if they match the production type of the group they are merging to.  

So the result of a merger is ... one faction, one tech tree. I really wonder why you think it might be different.


Year 14 Day 33 14:37
Only factions of the same type may be merged together.

Year 14 Day 33 15:30
Just a reminder:
Originally there had been more faction types: weapons, armor, items. But rules-wise all those types got merged into items.


Year 14 Day 33 16:55
Well, unless there were more way, way back, there were only item and weapons faction Vip, which got merged into Items.

So you can only get access to the tech tree of the faction you are in/have/etc, not other factions, unless you have access to that faction as well.


Year 14 Day 34 6:24
Ebo Ja
Ebo Ja
So will you have armor and weapons on the same tech tree? As they are of the same faction type.

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Year 14 Day 34 8:44
THey will have access to both the armor and weapon limb of the item tree, yes.

Year 14 Day 34 9:27
I wouldn't imagine you would have to create a faction for every part of the tech tree...that'd suck. .

Year 14 Day 34 19:59
You will. Ship factions will get access to the ship tree, vehicle factions the vehicle tree, etc. Govs might have access to more than one, I suppose it depends on whether govs get their own tree, or will be left to grab from others.


Year 14 Day 34 20:17
That makes sense..I was more hoping it wouldn't be a RD faction that would.only focus on one tree. The example you gave makes sense.