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Archives » Changing Handle while waiting and other Newb questions
Hello all I'm Chris from Australia. I've joined and have submitted my character handle "Dire Saraccas", whilst waiting I've had a look at the races and the Kaleesh really interest me, (I think that is the race of that bounty hunter guy with the cool weapon/ shield hat in the clone wars cartoons).

Anyway I checked out the character creation area to see if my handle was accepted and saw a message in red saying that the name was already in use. However when I check now it doesn't state that and says that its still waiting for acceptance, not sure if I read it wrong or something. I don't mind changing the name, (will make it something "out there" so it cannot possibly be the same), however I do not know how to change the name as its waiting for approval, I believe it says I can change it but I have no idea on where to go to do this.

Thanks for your assistance in this :)

Also I recieved a message before and it says I can only open it when I have a character, however the icon for a "new message" has disappeared, will the message still be there when my character is made?

Thanks again


When you submit a name it gets added to the list to prevent anyone else using that name, even if it hasn't been accepted yet. So that you cannot re-choose it is no reason to worry.

As for your message, it will still be there. That icon lights up when you have a new message, but once you have read it the icon goes back to being unlit. Clicking on that icon will just bring up a list of all the messages you have stored. Just a note, that messages are deleted after 30 days, so if you want to keep something beyond that you will need to copy it yourself.

As for that bounty hunter you are thinking of Embo who was a Kyuzo, not a Kaleesh.


Thanks for that :D

Guess I just have to be patient now.

Damn about Embo however I realised that General Grievious was a Kaleesh so thats probably better :p Perhaps when I get lots of credits I can follow suit and get some cybernetics too, I read up about them beforehand and I think its a really cool thing to add extra spice to the world.

On this may I ask where can I find the relative functions of the cybernetics, or will I just find out when I play. Thanks again.


It seems that my name was not accepted (I assume the pop-up stating that it was already in use was correct).

I have put in a new name, (Arias Gaskin, been using the name generator for Knights of the Old Republic 2), and the pop-up declaring its already in use has occured again. However like before I cannot change the handle, there is no link to do so. Is this lag normal or have I missed something?

Just don't want to wait another few hours just to get to try a new name.


All good 2nd one has been accepted, really quick too :D

Yeah, I had a feeling it would be rejected because of the Dire in it.

As for the cybernetics, we don't really know. Basic rules have only just been put up, so we know very little about the end effect of the cybernetics.