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Year 14 Day 35 7:30
Alexander von Ismay

I have a bank.
It keeps having a debt each month.

Not that I care about it's 32k income.
I am curious what might be wrong.
It's powered. Assigned properly (Bank and Operator of 5)

I have no "flats" on the asteroid yet. Is this the reason?
Can I just set it somehow, to not produce income (would it still loose?)


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 14 Day 35 7:33
Well, if the ER of the planet is not between 1 and 2 it will make debt regardless of everything else, I believe. If oyu just want to stop it, just set it open to crewlist, and that will shut down its FI ability, both positive and negative incomes.


Year 14 Day 35 7:49
Alexander von Ismay

Sounds good for now. Thank you.

All it has is a PG, warehouse and this bank.

I've yet to really build anything else.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 14 Day 35 11:14
In that case, you have an ER or 0, meaning all your facilities will lose money until you build a few facilities with flats.

The formulas are all available on the Facility Income rules page.

Year 14 Day 36 6:46
Alexander von Ismay

If I wanted to read the formula's I would have :) and not asked here.
It was easier to just ask.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 14 Day 36 15:00
Kain Eckert

Do banks need to be owned by a banking faction to get fi?
Casinos need to be owned by a tradings faction to gain fi. As well as starports & some others?

Year 14 Day 36 15:52
Managed, need to be managed.


Year 14 Day 36 16:03
Kain Eckert

Yes managed. Not owned.

Year 14 Day 36 17:04
Yes they do, and he did say it was managed by a banking faction.