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Archives » First Week Guide for Newbies
Year 7 Day 91 4:27
Jezdimir Is`s

..this section is down, can somebody please fix it as i am totally lost on what to do.

Year 7 Day 91 4:46
The link seems to be working. It is the same link as "THE GUIDE" up at the top :)


Year 7 Day 91 4:54
Jezdimir Is`s

Not for me, when I click on that link this thing pops up…


I also tried to open it from a friends computer, no luck.

Edited By: Jezdimir Is`s on Year 7 Day 91 4:57
Year 7 Day 91 4:54
Deleted Post
Jezdimir Is`s
Deleted by Jezdimir Is`s. Reason: double post sorry
Year 7 Day 92 3:49
Jezdimir Is`s

If somebody who can open the newbie guide would copy/paste it in a document and mail it to me, I would much appreciate it. I also have some starting credits and will pay if needed =)).

Year 7 Day 92 11:51
And what happens if you click "OK" on that popup?


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 92 14:37
I asked Khan to take a look at the page, I also can not load



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Year 7 Day 93 14:54
Dragnos Beltaswar

I cant either, its really frustrating as I have no clue what to do. If someone could fix this please?

Year 7 Day 93 17:53
Sti-Ta Resas

Newbie guide needs to be fixed asap because i cant get off my planet and i cant find anywhere to buy a ship.

Year 7 Day 93 18:02
Dragnos Beltaswar

Yes I dont have a clue what im doing, not to mention that im stuck in a building. Its very frustrating.

Year 7 Day 94 0:43
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Ask your faction representative?

Year 7 Day 94 2:14

If you haven't done so, join a faction. They're typically more than willing to help explain things to new members. Assuming the new members ASK. We can't read minds you know.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 94 3:04
The First Week Guide for Newbies page is working again.