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Archives » Can a Tabder dock at a Starport?
Year 14 Day 53 11:16
Sylvin Macflint

Under the description for a Tabder there is a downward pointing arrow with a red cross through it. I'm assuming this means the ship cannot rest on the ground..
The starport per rules page states it has a 2mil cube vol. capacity. Does this mean that a ship has to have a volume equal to or less than that amount to dock there?
Or do the specifications weight/volume not come into play as long as a facility has docking capabilities? Thank you for any insight..

Year 14 Day 53 11:26
Alexander von Ismay


It can't land.

The rest doesn't matter.

Read it again:
As long as a ship can land. And can fit within the capacity, it can dock.

Edited By: Alexander von Ismay on Year 14 Day 53 11:27

"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 14 Day 53 11:38
Sylvin Macflint

Thank you.. You've saved me much time and trouble.

"Most of your larger ships, will never land. Just a tip." (AVI)

Indeed my first larger ship, and I'm piloting it via forum simulator before actual hands-on.

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 14 Day 53 11:52
Year 14 Day 53 17:44
If a ship doesn't have the landing capability, it cannot even enter the atmosphere of a planet, so it cannot even get close to the starport for you to attempt to dock it inside.