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Year 14 Day 55 16:13

My name was rejected earlier today, stating Farseer was a title like Lord, etc.

I respectfully request clarification on this. I've used this as a last name for a good while, and see it more akin to Skywalker than any kind of title.

Could I get more reasoning on this, or possibly have this changed?


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Year 14 Day 55 16:23
Unfortunately now that it was rejected it's on the server's list of names to automatically reject, so you won't be able to try to submit it again.

Year 14 Day 55 16:33

Yeah, I tried in attempt to get a different admin to look at it.

While I filter through the endless pages of how to work the interface and try to grasp what people do when playing this game as a beginner, I hope for an Admin reply.

Year 14 Day 55 16:37

For example, the first week guide just tells me how to apply to a faction and spawn. - nothing really there - :(

No sense of how to "level up" (if you can) or make money. If someone wants to point me to a clearer starting guide, I'd appreciate it :)

Edit: I'm finding more info in the FAQ than the starter stuff, lots to read.


You may not include any title or rank in your handle:
Forbidden: "Darth", " Sir"," Dr", "Admiral", "Princess", ...


Luke Skywalker
Luke Farseer

Dr Farseer
Joe Farseer

I don't see it :/

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Year 14 Day 55 17:18
Seems to be a thing related to the link between titles and surnames. For example the following real world titles have also been used as surnames:
Captain, Smith, King, Major, etc... and some cultures bestow surnames as titles ie: The Duke of WIndsor being known as Lord Windsor.

Not sure if my example is a proper one but I'm pretty sure I've heard it used before.


Year 14 Day 55 17:47
Farseer is a title/rank/etc in the game Warhammer 40k, related to the Eldar leadership. So it would also cross into other universe restricted name areas as well.


Year 14 Day 56 6:25
Riax Tardes

Not exactly on topic for the forum, but since you don't have a name, can't PM you directly.

On topic of leveling up and earning money - most game actions earn you XP (even walking).

Once you choose a line of work (such as pilot, builder, soldier, etc.), you can apply for a job (there's a Positions vacant/Looking for job forum).

Your salary will be paid by another player or group/faction - for a new player there aren't really ways of earning money directly from the server, so to speak.

While doing that job you will earn both money and XP. Your employer will usually help with your training or at least point you in the right direction for guides/tutorials, etc.

There also those useful CP points (click the green number on the right side of the screen) that you can earn by clicking on banners and other actions and exchange later for ships/vehicles.