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Year 14 Day 55 19:22
hello yall, i have a question about factions and their stock holdings.

lets say i create a faction tomorrow, ill start with a definite number of stocks that will be all mine since im the owner...

what if one day I put someone as the leader and he/she loots all the faction assets ? will the stock's value will stay the same or eventually dropped to 0 ? cause if that case happens, then I couldnt recuperate all cash I spent in :P

thanks ! :)

Year 14 Day 55 19:54
Harada Malani


Stock value is determined like this:

Stock Value = Faction Capital / Number of stocks

So if the faction has 0 holdings, meaning everything it owned was looted then obviously 0 divided by anything would be 0 so sorry to say but yeah they would be worthless :/

However, the CPM doesn't go by this standard, meaning if you sold your stock at 5,000,000 on Centrepoint Market, Centrepoint would view it as being worth 5,000,000 on average (Though to be fair I doubt it would really sell very much at 5m)

Also I would highly recommend protecting any assets you wouldn't be able to deal with losing when you start a faction. By protecting it you ensure no one can make over those assets to themselves (As far as I know, I am not a huge expert).

Hope that helps some.


Edited By: Harada Malani on Year 14 Day 55 19:55
Year 14 Day 55 20:10
great answer Harada, !

ahh yes finally I just read the faction's rules, and understand more about it.. that's where leadership and faction's privileges get important :)

thanks !