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Archives » RMs and party slot questions
Year 14 Day 55 22:50
Relain Dala

Regarding the Squadron/Party Slot Size addition/change and RM cost comparisons.

Probably been asked and is a stupid question on my part, but how were the ships classifications selected before the change with party slots? And how are RM cost and amounts determined?

Below is just an example of what I am trying to understand.

Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (described as a gunboat and classified as such) Party Slot Size: 1.00
Estimated Raw Material Price:
105,391 Credits
Hyperspeed: 5
Varmigio (Hyperdrive): 47

G-1A Transport (described as a fighter classified as a light freighter)
Party Slot Size: 3.00
Estimated Raw Material Price:
180,255 Credits
Hyperspeed: 6
Varmigio (Hyperdrive): 142

Y-Wing BTL-S3 (described as a fighter classified as a fighter)
Party Slot Size: 1.00
Estimated Raw Material Price:
127,430 Credits
Hyperspeed: 5
Varmigio (Hyperdrive): 67

Looks like those who invested in the G-1A Transport as a decent fighter in the old system are losing out now when it comes to them being used in squads.

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Year 14 Day 56 2:44
Jacen Bae`le

If I recall, Jesfa said that there might be some errors. he messed with them 3 times due to bugs.


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Year 14 Day 56 10:25
The numbers have nothing to do with RMP or hyper speeds, each ship was individually selected for a category by the admins based on weapon strength, classification, and size.

Year 14 Day 56 19:11
As for the RM costs and amounts, they are generated from a series of equations based on the stats of the ships. These equations are in the rules pages if you are interested.


Year 14 Day 57 1:00

There are a few fighters/Gunships/Light freighters that will need to be fixed. There was a series of annoying bugs that made me have to remake the categories like 3 times, which takes forever when doing each individual ship/droid/creature.

I'll fix them up when I've got some time to spare.