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Year 14 Day 56 9:35
So Kendall updated the Rulespage for Sensors, though it doesn't quite make sense to me. (Probably a lapse in my understanding, hence the Question thread as opposed to another Rules Update)

1.1/ Vision Range « Back To Top
The number of squares you can see is determined by one of the following equations. A range of 0 means you can see only what is in your current square.

Characters, NPCs, Droids: Perception Skill + 1
Ships, Vehicles, Facilities, Space Stations: (Number of Sensors) + 1

- Rulespage, emphasis added

That suggests that it's simplified the Range to eliminate a LN calculation, and just left it at Distance. IE A calculation of the Pythagorean Theorem will show Distance (X2 + Y2 = Z2 with Z = distance), and as long as Z <=8, the square should be "visible".

Question 1: The Rules are silent on sensor power though, other than to say "It is directly dependant on the number of sensors and of the distance between the square and the entity." Is that because sensor Power doesn't matter (due to ECM not really being implemented), or because the equation is still up in the air, or both maybe?

I set up this Google Doc spreadsheet for testing - used both the OLD rules (involving LN to calculate Range) + the new rules. Under the old published rules, Sensor Power in a square was EntitySensors/Distance + 1, except if Sensor power was 0, in which case the only squares permitted to have sensor power were the ones in range.

Spreadsheet - edit the ORANGE square with a new sensor value for an entity to see the updated "proper" layout per my calcs.

Question 2: The actual Vision map of a Sensor-Power 8 ship (in this case a Sysat-24) doesn't appear to match up properly with a symmetrical Z<=8 calculation. The image below shows that the sides and the top are not symmetrical, which they ought to be if we're calculating distance with Pythagorean Theorem. If we're not - how do we calculate "distance" for this purpose?

Sensor Range