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Archives » Production Asset Ownership - Implemented? - No longer Planned?
A while back Zhao opened a public consultation thread to go over his idea about adding in a new option regarding asset ownership on production. The gist was that the Faction of correct production type (or "FoCPT") could be EITHER the Manager OR the Owner (whereas under current/old rules that FoCPT had to be the manager). This was for the purpose of allowing a Production faction to own a Factory or Shipyard, and rent it out such that some other faction could bring their own RMs, own Credits, and own People (without hopping - just setting as Op) and start up production, with the result that the "renting faction" would pay all the costs and gain immediate ownership of the asset.

LINK to the thread

My question is whether this actually got implemented and/or is still planned to be implemented. It's not exactly high priority, what with Combat and R&D and all, but it was among the anticipated changes in Production 2.0, and since the Rulespage hasn't been updated yet, I'm wondering if it's been shelved/abandoned/etc.

Kendall Holm

Its not implemented yet. Not sure if it would be anytime soon as I have heard nothing on the subject.