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Archives » Gravity Generators, would it, could it be possible?
Sylvin Macflint

Over a span of time would it be conceivable that gravity generation technology would be obtained by, perhaps the datapad's electronics R&D trees; or reverse engineering that would allow other ships to use that technology? Or would that be considered canonically impossible?

You mean something as the interdictor?
That one is already in existance. And once a means to counter the artificial grav-field is coded, you can expect to see the (now defunct) generators working again.

edit: and I hope that tech is then on the R&D tree somewhere.

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Interdictors have it, so I'd assume it would be someone on the R&D tree. If ever admins decide to fix it, its been broken for too long.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
I have given my life to my people, my soul to Jou, and my heart to my wife.

Sylvin Macflint

I was not aware that they were currently offline on the interdictor class, however, I'm glad to see it is not available to any one entity (unless that entity was darkness controlled) without balancing the scales with a similarly devastating asset available to counter it's affects. The reason IMHO this one single element has the ability to create more chaos, and stack the decks more than any other element I can fathom on game.

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There were many grav well equipped ships, and they will likely be on R&D lists.


They're not broken, Lilith, it was intentionally removed.

Last time I tried to active the field it seemed broken to me when it half loaded the page and blabbed out some broken code than just saying something like "feature removed temporarily" =P


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
I have given my life to my people, my soul to Jou, and my heart to my wife.


It's a mixture of both. It was meant to be disabled, but the action for it, from what we saw at dev at least, was also broken.

EDIT: And yes, there are a number of Interdictors on the R&D tree.

Edited By: Jesfa on Year 14 Day 62 14:36

Dratt Darkstar

I'd imagine as soon as space combat comes out, they will be reactivated.

Damaging one is a good way to remove their use in any setting. -25% to their speed and maneuvering is kinda minor but the big blow would be the fact their shields can not regenerate while the generators are on. So bang on one hard enough, it would need to turn the generators off and flee. And then, if it could comeback after the shields are charged, it would take eight hours to charge the generators.