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Archives » Selling physical items for swc credits?
I've recently been been dabbling in art on the combine. Ive been thinking recently about sculping a character to photograph from different angles and use in avatars, sigs etc.
I was wondering if I offered these to be physically posted in exchang for swc credits would I be in trouble for breaking any rules?? Obviously no RL money would be requested

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Sounds just like selling 3-d models for credits, or other such things. Nothing wrong with it.



I'm always amazed how fast my questions get answered by admin in the forums! Cheers Syn :) I do feel like I need to clarify before I start to get my hands dirty (and possibly my reputation) because I'm not sure if I was clear enough what I meant.

My plan is to physically model something (a head) out of clay, plasticine or polymorphic plastic. These could be requested in the same way an electronic image might be for an avatar but would actually have to be mailed in RL. They would most likely be bought for souvenir purposes but could be used for an avatar or signature if photographed.
As I said before I wouldn't ask for real money for this service but I might ask for a small fortune in SWC credits ;)

Just thought I'd better make my intentions a little clearer.


Kendall Holm

It should be fine. People sell all kinds of things for in game credits like: WoW game cards and Software


Vaas Dae`skal

They do? o.O

It happens. Preferably things being sold should actually be related to SWC in some way (which seems rather a given in the described situation), but people do use credits to pay for varying services sometimes. It's the payment of RL money for in-game stuff that's frowned upon.



Thanks for the answers. To be honest I thought it would turn out to be naughty! Sounds like it's above board to me so it should be a fun project. I think I'll do my own first and see where it goes form there.

I,for one, would love to see pictures of yours when you are done, perhaps I will even purchase one in the future as well.

Kain Elderan

Yeah I'd have to see an example piece before I'd consider something like this. Wouldn't mind commissioning a piece to be done of my avatar if it seems like your work is well done.


I've just ordered a load of blue plasticine! When I've done my Duros bust I'll put some pics up. They should probably go in the art commerce forum.
Meanwhile thanks for the interest :)
Pics now in the art commerce forum!

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