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Year 14 Day 72 16:04
Altorparia Convair

I have just assigned skill points to my NPCs and allocated 1-2 points in Strength to increase their HPs by 20-40 -according to the strength tip box-. However the HPs of these NPCs increased by 1-2 not 20-40. Now I have 2 questions:

1- Is this a bug or is it meant to be this way?

2- NPCs' Rules page says their HP is calculated the same way a PC's HP is.

HP = round(35 + (2 * XP Level * (Strength + Race Bonus)) + Strength * 10)

This equation says Strength*10 while the tip box says Strength*20. Which one is right?

I hope I'm at the right section here. Thanks for any answers in advance.


Year 14 Day 72 16:39
Strength 20 refers to the old version of the HP equation; I'll fix the tooltip today.

NPC health does follow the same equation as player health. When the equation was updated in the last sync, Zhao had to manually force an update to the health of all players, as well as an update to NPCs. Due to the sheer quantity of NPCs, he only updated the max-level NPCs, so that the rest will update their health when they next level.

This means that your NPCs would have dropped in health, but as you allocated strength points to them, they caught up to their previous health pool and slightly exceeded it, and now have the correct health.



Year 14 Day 72 16:45
Altorparia Convair

Thanks for the quick response Syn.