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Archives » Error in assigning an operator
Year 14 Day 74 17:53
I've purchased two garages from CPM, and have had no problem setting myself as manager, but when I try to set someone as an operator I get this error;

An error occurred: Argument 1 passed to PartyUtil::getLeader() must implement interface Partyable, instance of Facility given, called in /swcombine/http/main/libs/server21/entities/ on line 464 and defined at /swcombine/http/main/libs/server21/entities/

The person I bought them from had a faction operator assigned to it when he sold it to me (in case that info is important)

Any ideas on what to do?


Year 14 Day 75 0:25
I saw that error code posted in the bugbase.

I hope a coder looks into that issue.


Year 14 Day 75 1:29
The link sends me to a login. Tried my combine account but it appears that it isn't part of the actual swcombine site. Does it give any suggestions or is it just a post that the error is present and they'll fix it?

Thanks for the reply!

Year 14 Day 75 3:12
That link is the SWCOMBINE bug base.
You need a 2nd account there. It is a tool the developers use to fix reported bugs.

I'll mention your error in there for you.


Year 14 Day 75 8:45
Kendall Holm

I talked to Sin about this and apparently he said it is a left over bug from fix another bug. Not sure when it will be fixed though


Year 14 Day 75 9:52
Stephanie Barefoot

It appears to be getting more widespread. Affecting everything from messages, ship controls, personal and faction invents. Like Vip said, hope it's fixed soon.


Year 14 Day 75 11:37
Alright. Guess there's nothing more to do but wait. Thanks everyone!