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Archives » Cybernetics and utlility slots
Year 14 Day 77 17:03
Esu Kyouto

There is nothing stated in the rules that says Cybernetics take up a utility slot. However, if you look a Cybernetic item in the rules it clearly says it is to be equipped in Utility Slot #1 or #2.

Do you lose a utility slot or not?

If you have a 0 in a Skill and you add +2 cyber skill does it change the number of points you need to upgrade to a 3 Skill or do you syill upgrade as if it were a Skill 0?

Edited By: Esu Kyouto on Year 14 Day 77 18:32
Year 14 Day 77 19:28
You use up a Utility slot while it's being installed, as it has to be equipped there. After installation it's "instanced" on your character and you have full use of both Utility slots.

Year 14 Day 81 8:10
Esu Kyouto

I got the second question answered on mIRC so I will post the answer for anyone who may be interested.

The +2 is a Skill increase so it counts just like a skill point you receive from gaining a level.

Example: If you have a 0 Skill and you get a cybernetic implant you will have a 2 Skill and any subsequent raising would cost Skill points accordingly. In this case 3 more skill points to raise your skill to a 3.

If you were at Skill level 3 and implanted you would have a skill level of 5 and could not go any higher.

The optimum level for implants would be at Skill level 3 as you are getting the most bang for the buck.

Year 14 Day 84 9:38
Zann Ex

Are the skill increases from cybernetics meant to apply to all aspects of the skill? For instance, is the +2 Strength from the arms supposed to affect max carry weight, HPs, and a/e OR is it meant to only affect carry weight?


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Year 14 Day 84 9:42
It upgrades the skill, so everything the skill does. Looks like HP may not be updating correctly right away, but should update on level. Kyle is aware of this; not sure if/when he is going to be fixing it.



Year 14 Day 84 9:48
Zann Ex

Thank you for the quick response. Was getting worried that my new arms may have been broken! :-)


Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.