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Archives » How does a faction DC work?
Year 14 Day 78 22:23
Tik Nkik

I have recycled my faction HQ, and am trying to prepare for a new one. Who How can I expect to use the new DC?

Can I assign a new 7x7 or do I need to construct a new one?
Will the DC show up in the factions Datacards inventory?

Thanks for your help.

Edited By: Tik Nkik on Year 14 Day 78 23:05
Year 14 Day 78 22:35
Xakic Jix

From my understanding you can assign any new 7x7 as HQ once your old HQ is fully recycled.



Year 14 Day 78 23:08
Xakic is incorrect. After creation, any new HQs you get, either through recycling or getting an increased member count get added as a use in construction. So when one of your members goes to build a facility, the HQ will be available as a 1 time use (per DC unlock you have) to build.


Year 14 Day 78 23:38
Xakic Jix

Well we both learned today Tik. Thank you for that Ellias, i was misinformed.



Year 14 Day 78 23:59
Tik Nkik

Thanks Ellias.

Xakic, must me a good day then.

Year 14 Day 119 10:29
Tik Nkik

Okay, so I have a member about to build a new 7x7, but I want to make sure it gets assigned as HQ.

Can it be assigned after construction begins or before he starts the build?

Year 14 Day 119 10:48
Ichiru Hanabusa

on the page where you pick the facil you select faction hq

Year 14 Day 119 20:11
Tik Nkik

Hmmm...he is still not seeing the "Faction HQ" selection.

Is there something else that we could be missing? Perhaps it is because he is 2ic and not owner? Is it on the second page of the construction forms?

Year 14 Day 119 21:32
Depending on your faction type, you have to select the correct facility type. It will be either:


It does not say "Faction HQ"

Year 14 Day 120 18:06
Also, I presume you have gotten to the next member count threshold to get one - if I remeber correctly you should get a faction event informing you that there is a DC use ready.