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Year 14 Day 81 16:43
I seem to have missed the release of this feature. I can't find any information on it in the rules, either. Could someone point me to the appropriate section of the rules, the GNS announcing its release/explanation, and/or explain it to me?

Specifically, I want to know what the new ship categories mean and how they differ from the old ones and how forming squadrons works and what ships can do it.

Thanks in advance!

Year 14 Day 81 17:19
All ships can form squadrons, they just have differing amounts of squad size they take up, to a maximum of 12 for your party.

As for the categories, I'm not sure if it has been updated on the rules pages, but basically the first few to just before heavy haulers are capital skill ships, heavy haulers to fighters are fregither/fighter skill ships.


Year 14 Day 81 18:07
Can you squad together different ships? Like a Sprint and a Bulk? Is there a place I can see how much of my squad size ships take up?

Year 14 Day 81 18:09
Xakic Jix

Yes you can squad different ships, and in your cockpit click the squadron button and it will let you know how many spaces you have left.



Year 14 Day 82 12:55
Ben Camden

Not to mention that the rules pages lists the "party slot size" for each ship.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 14 Day 82 15:37
I do see that now... I don't know how I missed it yesterday. Thanks everyone for their time in replying!

Year 14 Day 91 16:40
So does forming a squadron restrict choices by new ship category or by skill? Can a light freighter squad up with a fighter for example?


"Kade Beltsin: No. 1 Pilot, Master Destroyer, Expert Deorganzer, Tasteful Heckler, Droid Petter Extraordinaire and Hopping Specialist."
Year 14 Day 91 17:38

You can squad any ships together so long as you can fit them into the 12 slots.


Year 14 Day 91 22:51
(which was kind of the point)

Year 14 Day 91 23:01
Maha Michi

You can squad any ships together so long as you can fit them into the 12 slots.

- Jesfa

So, basically, Heavy Freighter category and below. (no cap ships yet)


Year 14 Day 92 10:29
Lorenzas Atticus

Theoretically, is it safe to assume that when the rules are fully implemented someone with a Space Command of 5 could control 5x12 slots + 12 slots for your squadron = 72 slots just like how Infantry Command skill works?

Could I then also assume that a Space Command 5 skill would allow you to control 6 Dreadnought class ships as long as they fit into the 72 combines slots?

...and yes I know rules can change but I am asking about intended usage of current rules that are not fully implemented.

Year 14 Day 92 14:35
Maybe. One reason space command is not yet implemented is that there needs to be some discussion in terms of potential restrictions to this, so you could not command multiple SSDs, for example.

Basically yes, that is how space command is intended to work, but it will most likely have additional limitations that infantry command does not.



Year 14 Day 92 19:05
Lorenzas Atticus

Cool, thanks. I am sure I am not the first person to suggest this but we could say enormous ships like SSD's use up 60 slots or something like that but still allow a single character with a Space Command skill of 0 to fly it.

Year 14 Day 92 20:09
Yeah, that was considered. Not sure yet how the final implementation will handle it though.



Year 14 Day 108 6:18
The Tabder class has a slot size of 12 so I dont think it can squad with any others.

Year 14 Day 108 8:43
Theoretically it means you can only have one per squad, and the number of squads is contingent on space command skill, which is why these things will be reviewed before the space command skill is fully implemented.



Year 14 Day 115 7:34
OK, so if I add a Viper to a Horizon's party, and go in to hyperspace, will the Viper get left behind due to it's lack of hyperdrive? Thanks.


Year 14 Day 115 7:42
Kendall Holm

What do you think?


Year 14 Day 115 7:51
Um... It will? No,no! It won't! No, no wait, it will get left behind! Right?

Just making sure, as I haven't tried it yet. Cheers!

Edited By: Jax Starblade on Year 14 Day 115 7:52

Year 14 Day 115 10:04
Kendall Holm

If the entity has no hyper capability then your logic should state it shouldnt be possible for it to jump to hyper


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