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Year 14 Day 84 8:58
I picked up a couple of ships earlier that both valued 6 points squad wise. I actually have 4 of these ships to collect. I saw in the character skill points that each level of the 'space command' skill would allow me to control an extra squad of ships so I added one of my spare skill points to allow me to collect all four ships. However nothing seems to have changed?? Have I misunderstood, or the information is wrong?

Year 14 Day 84 9:29
AFAIK Space command has yet to be implemented. I don't remember the skill description saying that either so I'm curious as to if this is being worked on.


Year 14 Day 84 9:39



Year 14 Day 84 10:47
Nice answer! It didn't indicate that it wasn't implicated on the pop up box on the character sheet page. Obviously I should have done a bit too more reaseach so I won't argue!
Cheers for resolving that for me.

Year 14 Day 98 5:53
Jan Hutti

Has it been considered to add the implementation icon on the assign skill point screen so players will know that that skill is implemented when they are assigning skill points?

Year 14 Day 98 6:16
I know not but you could try posting a suggestion for it.



Year 14 Day 98 6:21
I know not but you could try posting a website suggestion for it. 

Year 14 Day 98 8:22
It's implied!



Year 14 Day 100 8:47
Jan Hutti


Year 14 Day 142 8:43
Necromancy at work!

I know that as of today, Space Command is shown as Not Implemented (red X) on the Character Skills page, as does the Vehicle Command skill (also a red X), yet I've been able to squad both BFFs and Jailspeeders.

In neither case did I have to set the piloting of those vehicles to NPC controlled, as I expected to have to do. However, there are other entities that I cannot squad with (like the Sabaoth Destroyer).

Is it possible that ship and vehicle squadding are partially implemented?

EDIT: Or is it possible that being able to control additional entities beside the one you're physically in, is limited to a number up to what would constitute your personal squad, ie: up to 12 slots?

Yep. Think I just answered my own question there.

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Year 14 Day 142 9:16
Xakic Jix

Yes, each ship has a squad number, just like your party size is numbered. Once you hit that number then you are done, no more can be added. BFFs atm are 6 so you can fly one while having a 2nd squaded. but i think all caps are already 12.



Year 14 Day 142 12:38
NPC controlling was never disabled and never required the space command skill.