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Archives » Cave restrictions on Eddicus?
Year 14 Day 88 17:26
Brand Malden

Just wondering if it's some sort of oversight that in theory if I owned a Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship I could be tooling around in a cave yet with an Eddicus Class Planetary Shuttle for some reason I see the cave terrain listed as restricted. Just doesn't make any sense at all to me, is this an oversight?


Year 14 Day 89 5:15

A lot of ships (most of the capitals at least) should have their cave restriction added on. Ship restrictions in general are on one of my to-do lists.


Year 14 Day 89 11:25
Brand Malden

Well, a more pertinent question.. if something as small as an eddicus can't navigate a cave.. what ships are going to be left to even transport RM's to a cave after you update that?


Year 14 Day 89 13:15
Kendall Holm

Bulk Freighter


Year 14 Day 89 15:07
Brand Malden

So what's being used to determine what ships/vehicles can move in caves? Clearly it's not size if something as large as a bulk can operate in them.

Also, looking at the terrains of the other vehicles, I think lava and sun were missed on the Eddicus for restrictions(not sure if sun matters, just saw it on many others).

Edited By: Brand Malden on Year 14 Day 89 15:07

Year 14 Day 90 7:18
Sun is somewhat of a moot point, as the eddicus would never get to an undockable position on a sun. It probably doesnt have lava because it is enclosed and floating.

Year 14 Day 90 11:36
Brand Malden

I don't think that's probably why for the lava as the T-47 Airspeeder, QH-7 LAVr Chariot, Senate Shuttlebus, and Kettrifee Air Mover all look to be enclosed and all are equipped with repulsor lifts as well - they all have a lava restriction though. Also.. I'm pretty sure I saw the T47's flying into and out of a cave in Episode V, yet it's got a cave restriction as well.

Edited By: Brand Malden on Year 14 Day 90 11:39

Year 14 Day 90 11:47
Maha Michi

To be fair with the T-47 Airspeeder... Echo Base was a set of caves modified to be a base.