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Year 14 Day 93 8:31
How often do creatures spawn in the wild?


Year 14 Day 93 9:24
Kendall Holm

Every time you enter an uninhabited Terrain Zone


Year 14 Day 93 12:44
To be more specific: every time a player enters a terrain with no other player in it, then there is a chance of creatures or bandits spawning.

There will be times when the terrain will be empty when you enter. That'll be rare, but it will happen. And creatures will now spawn in their correct terrain types, like Krayt Dragons in the Desert, and Space Slugs in Cave terrain.

Note that any player who's in a ship that's sitting in that terrain will prevent spawning, but one sitting above that terrain in atmo will not prevent spawning.

Good hunting!



Year 14 Day 117 8:17
Just to piggy back on this one... is the only way to get a creature from hatching an egg? And also, do all creatures have a chance to drop an egg? Thanks

Year 14 Day 117 9:04
Yes and yes.

Year 14 Day 117 17:13
actually answer to last question is a no, Colossal creatures do not drop eggs

Year 14 Day 118 6:58
Ignore the previous post, the chance of a colossal creature dropping an egg is just extremely low. Something that has been mentioned several times.


Year 14 Day 118 11:36
been told by multiple admins it is impossible.

Year 14 Day 119 2:48
Any admin want to clarify?

Year 14 Day 119 12:29
Kendall Holm

Clarify which part?


Year 14 Day 119 12:55
Colossal creatures do not drop eggs. Is this true? I have been told so by multiple admins, would love to be proved wrong though.

Year 14 Day 119 15:22

Collosals at this point do not. Other than that, the smaller the creature the more likely it is to find an egg.


Year 14 Day 120 19:04
^^^ Apparently I was wrong. Strange, Zhao said otherwise when eggs were implemented while we were discussing the horror of Krayt Dragons......


Year 14 Day 120 21:31
Are you sure that is what he said, or merely how you interpreted a vague nonanswer? Initially they weren't planning to tell people specifically that colossals don't drop eggs, but eventually the truth came out!



Year 14 Day 120 22:45
It would take digging through a years worth of irc logs to find the day the conversation came up, but the conversation went something along the lines of:

1. Zhao posts link to pic of a creature in his party on dev and asks for thoughts

2. Discussion ensues about how scary an army of Krayt dragons would be.

3. Zhao says that the drop rate of creatures is less the larger the creature gets.


Year 14 Day 122 0:19
That is still true! It just also happens to hit 0% chance at colossal.



Year 14 Day 122 10:36
Initially they weren't planning to tell people specifically that colossals don't drop eggs, but eventually the truth came out! 

(and then, like always, Jesfa ran his mouth)