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Year 14 Day 102 16:22
Dorn Zeke

Exactly as Ichiru stated.


Year 14 Day 102 19:01
So how does factions owning a home world change that? There has to be a spawn option for players who do not want to join a faction, and those that do aren't affected by the planet not being faction-owned.

Year 14 Day 103 0:59
Ichiru Hanabusa

Im saying that factions shouldn't get them, my past post meant they would not know it's not noob friendly, get killed and don't come back

Year 14 Day 103 7:42
Dionaea Kuat

You mean like how Luke had to find help to get out of Tatooine with his droids? How he was almost killed in a bar fight? Or how he was almost arrested by the Stormtroopers?

Or maybe you are referring to Endor, we know that was a paradise.

Yeah, homeworlds were pretty safe.

I'd rather see newbies spawning in Darkness-owned space stations connected to the Transport Network than seeing all homeworlds as safe-heavens without any chance to be RPed.

Edited By: Dionaea Kuat on Year 14 Day 103 8:24
Year 14 Day 103 17:27
Dorn Zeke

Agreed. If you want a safe place to spawn just choose one place to spawn - not every single homeworld...


Year 14 Day 104 3:44
Just because a homeworld is Darkness owned does not mean it would be safe. Whenever combat is released you would still be able to attack people on a homeworld owned by Darkness since by that time A/E will be a thing of the past and you would not need privilages for attacking others, at least that is what I assume.

By making a homeworld Darkness owned it is essentially making it so that factions and players cannot gain control of the planet. Meaning no building their own facilities or anything else that the faction/player would need control of a planet to do. So, no shielding or secure bases would be possible on a homeworld that is Darkness owned though I would assume you could use one as a temporary waypoint.

Another point, when spawning a player can only spawn on their homeworld unless they join a faction first though we all know that there are many new players that do not join a faction first which leaves spawning on their homeworld.

Overall, a Darkness owned homeworld is not safe as anyone could easily kill a player on such a homeworld just as easily as any other planet. In my opinion a Darkness owned homeworld would make sense as Darkness would essentially represent a specific races sovereignty over their own homeworld.

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