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Archives » How to halt mining operations when you can't pause mine
Sylvin Macflint

If a mining can't be paused due to technical issues how would you stop the mining operation? Would you need to physically remove the workers? un-power? Suggestions, theories, actual things that have worked for you?
Would prefer not having to visit each mine physically, but I can't think of any other way..

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Wyh can't you pause it - should be possible in the inventory. Otherwise, removing the workers through firing or de-powering the facility I'd expect to work.


Sylvin Macflint

Greetings and thanks for the comeback Ellias,

You mentioned firing the workers Ellias, and I see there is an action for that, what would that do? I'll have to look into that, if it wouldn't cause alot of problems that may be a solution.

According to the bug report I filed, it, (pause) feature is corrected, but the fix will not be implemented until a system sync. And it's already been several mining cycles, I am trying to think of a way to stop mining before overloading and shutting the mines down and having to physically return to each and resetting them; but all the things I can think of, besides the pause feature, as you mentioned involve a physical termination of the operations.
Hoping maybe someone had found a workaround.

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Ichiru Hanabusa

if a bug is stopping you doing it maybe an ASIM would be able to pause it for you?

I've had this issue and I've found that if I keep trying to pause it in inventory, it eventually works.


Sylvin Macflint

Thanks Ichiru and Photino,
I know in the past if I kept, pausing the mine it would eventually pause, however this time I'm not having any such luck.
I probably could have an ASIM pause them for me, and may have to resort to request that, but I hate to bother anyone if a sync is close. I realize they have quite a bit on their plates at the moment.
Thank you both very much, though..

Sylvin Macflint

I was hoping a sync would occur, but I understand that may not happen for a while.
Rather than fire the npc's and being unsure of the consequences, and the possibility of losing a group of haulers, I've submitted a support ticket, as suggested. It seemed the least likely to create any unforeseen results. If I could be sure that I wouldn't overflow the mines, I would have continued to wait out the new sync. I appoligize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate the help.

Kendall Holm

try using chrome ... we found people were able to pause the mines using chrome browser.


Sylvin Macflint

Good call Kendall, Chrome browser allowed me to pause the mines.
Can you cancel my support ticket? Or shall I try, I haven't received any number or confirmation info as of yet?

Kendall Holm

Tell Gav