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Year 14 Day 120 15:57
Vor Kaln

Has any faction ever produced a Remote droid or have they ever been release as a CP reward? I know they're not yet implemented, though I personally would enjoy their RP value. I asked on irc-traders already but no one seemed to think they have ever been found/produced.

They (like the cook droid) would make for an interesting RP-CP droid, even if they are a bit ancient now.

Year 14 Day 120 16:43
Kendall Holm

If they are not in the rules then it is pretty safe to assume they dont exist in game.


Year 14 Day 120 17:09
Vor Kaln

Hmm, I have seen them on the Rules page under Tools. Here

Edited By: Vor Kaln on Year 14 Day 120 17:12
Year 14 Day 120 18:02
I do not believe there are any in existence. Many items and droids etc were added to the rules pages years ago because thye were cool/were in the films without much thought as to an actual implementation.

It is likely though that at some point they might become useful for lightsaber use or so on, at which point the admins will implement them and probably give them to item faction to produce.


Year 14 Day 120 18:03
I'm guessing that these are either nonexistent or uber-rare. I wouldn't count on getting one.

Oops. Must have posted at the same time.

Edited By: Bentake Hartok on Year 14 Day 120 18:45

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Year 14 Day 120 18:06
Kendall Holm

oh those. Not sure on the origins of them.


Year 14 Day 120 20:08
They have been among the myriad of non-producible entities for as long as I have been a member. It was obviously one of the original items, being ID 33. But it has never been produced, nor does it currently have a purpose.