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Archives » Remote Guard/Patrol squads
Year 14 Day 121 21:03
Deakon Jarvis

Im pretty much frustrated on getting them to do anything eversince I started using remotes.
When I set them up the page places IFF in Neutral and occasion blue, clicking on square cannot be done and so have to use scroll bar to set coords. Says its on patrol/guard. It may travel for awhile then stop (found out later random delay for that) but how does the perception work and attack?
Im setting them amongst enemy or in range of. Latest is attacking enemy crossing terrain

Edited By: Deakon Jarvis on Year 14 Day 121 21:50
Year 14 Day 121 23:42
Ichiru Hanabusa

them attacking only works on derra I believe

Year 14 Day 122 1:06
Deakon Jarvis

Im on derra

Year 14 Day 123 23:16
Deakon Jarvis

Today tested the squads out both in patrol and guard-moves to positions but still no attacking. Though can defend if attacked.

One point of battle I had a remote in same square as 14 GE squads. Nothing no wounds/nor battle reports. Though majority of the remotes were in fire delay and had some wounds but I cannot be sure if it is from me or my allies.

Year 14 Day 149 20:52
Deakon Jarvis

the remotes were HW troops with NZ9118 and vibro axes
is anyone else having problems with HW?

Year 14 Day 149 21:51
Deployable HWs aren't working properly for NPCs, though I don't know off hand if the NZs are deployable. HWs in general aren't finished up yet, though, since they rely on further development of hull rules, so I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't working properly yet.



Year 14 Day 153 14:01
Daehd Moroz

The NX9118 is not deployable, they don't need it right now, as stated in the Guide and as I have been using them on my HW troops. It seems they act as projectile weapons for now, only perhaps using the appropriate skill.


Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz