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Year 14 Day 127 13:48
Octavian Griffon


I'm sure a lot of people will be pissed off at me for this, but the Corona seems really over powered for a beginning generic DC in the tech tree.

Would it not have been wiser to say make the Nebulon-B Frigate the bottom ship of the Tech Tree and have it build up until the Corona at the top. Basically after all your research you could unlock the Corona. This seems logical since the Corona is essentially the 2nd generation Nebulon-B and seems more canon as well because the Nebulon-B was used by both the GE, Rebels and even some freelancers which seems more realistic for a generic DC. The Corona was an iconic New Republic ship if I'm not mistaken and seems odd to just go and give everyone them right off the bat. I'd much rather like to see them be a unlockable DC through R&D.

Also with the Corona being out all CP capital ships seem somewhat pointless, but that might just be my opinion :)

Lastly, I know the Asims are aware of this, the Nebulon-B is way too large in this game. Will this be changed or left as is?


Edited By: Octavian Griffon on Year 14 Day 127 13:56
Year 14 Day 127 16:32
Jesfa plans on going through and canonizing ships apparently (or so has been said).

However, remember that this isn't for all faction R&D. This is for governments. Governments SHOULD have a bit of an edge in military craft R&D.

Year 14 Day 127 17:13
CP ships are not meant to be a replacement for actual producible entities, they are in-game rewards for assisting the combine. Most ships that are avilable are better in some way than CP entities, that is purposeful.

Year 14 Day 129 16:10
One thing that the CP Caps have over a lot of others is that they can all land.

Year 14 Day 129 17:38
Kendall Holm

Thats because we cant set them to "not land". Because if we could, we would be making a lot of those Caps non-landable


Year 14 Day 129 18:41

CP Ships are almost always watered down versions of the real entities or sub-par ships.

In the future, as some have said, I'm going to likely have to go through and fix up some entities sizes and whatnot, and more importantly mess with Hull/Shield/Ionic when we discover exactly how space combat is going to work.

As per CP ships being undesireable, I think you'll find that we'll always have some desireables on the list, so that people will still want them for the wow factor. Not to mention, CP ships are just a reward as thanks for those who help the combine.