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Year 14 Day 128 15:23
As I am still somewhat new to this vast and exciting galaxy...

What is darkness?

And when I ask I dont mean as in a DM or the SWC server(?) but when a planet is controlled by darkness.

I keep happening to read about "darkness" over the chat about the current GNS articles and I think it would be spectacular to know what everyones talking about :)

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Year 14 Day 128 15:27
Darian Dash

When a planet is controlled by darkness it belongs to the server/admin so people can't build or arrest on it.
Darkness is the server.

And welcome to the galaxy :)

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Year 14 Day 128 15:34
Nah I'm not that new (well, not new enough to be welcomed to the galaxy :p )

It's just that I'm finally getting active on the forums and starting to make an attempt to know what's what in the galaxy! :D

But thank you! I've been wondering this for awhile now :)

....... So is there a reason why there are these server/Admin 'darkness' planets floating out there?

And to further add to this but on a little less related note, what is a unique station?

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Year 14 Day 128 15:34
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Year 14 Day 128 16:39
Sylvin Macflint

I view Darkness controlled "undeveloped", planets are kinda like 'test groups' or 'public planets' used for the implementation of new features like creature spawning, bandit spawning, trophy drops and reclamation, hunting development, combat development, etc..
They are strewn across the galaxy and offer all players an opportunity to experience these parts of the game. Especially newer players without access to these resources on their own.

Unique stations are stations that exist somewhere on the game but cannot be reproduced by a group or a faction again. One of a kind, if you will..

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Year 14 Day 128 17:06
Perfect! Thanks :)


Year 14 Day 128 20:14
Basically the admin controlled Darkness faction controls NPC homeworlds to prevent other players from building on and controlling them. They also control non-homeworlds that are used for testing (such as Derra) as well as temporary control when they take a planet from a faction as punishment.

The unique stations should be NPC owned to allow anyone to enter, but I suspect if they are Darkness owned it is because Jesfa just hasn't switched their ownership yet.


Year 14 Day 128 20:58

I'm holding onto the stations until quests/maps/etc are done for them, its anoying to transfer the entities to NPC in ctools, when I'd have to transfer them back later.


Year 14 Day 129 1:00
Don't forget, there are also two unique stations in private hands.

Year 14 Day 129 8:14
(Togan mentions humblebraggingly, as he owns both of them)