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Year 14 Day 129 13:11
I am wondering just how Armor and armor point values affect how much damage you will take in combat
Levi Lasena attacked 1 times with his K-43:
- Zansatsu Saris's armour absorbed 7 damage from the blow
- Hit Zansatsu Saris for 43 HP

Here is the current fitout in terms on armor on Zansatsu.
Battle Armor (10 AP)
Riot Shield (6AP, but says not implemented? is it?)
Corellian powersuit helmet (5AP)

So if only 7 damage got bounced by 15-21 AP(depending on the shield) armor, how exactly does armor work?
I thought it protected up to that many points per round. Is there some other formula behind it? is it secret how effective armor is?

Year 14 Day 129 13:18
Should be equal to the exact armour points total (not counting shields; they are indeed not yet working). Is that the only hit that NPC took that round?



Year 14 Day 129 14:00
Oh oh I see further down there is another 8 points. I was reading vertically and I didn't see any mention of 8 points earlier so I figured something happened That would be 15 what I was expecting. So shields do not work? I thought they used to, that would have been 21.

Year 14 Day 129 17:01
They were never implemented; they've only recently had the armour values added at all but currently that is not added to the total active armour yet.