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Archives » Verbal Abuse on Combine Chat
Year 14 Day 133 11:06
Players with the handles 'Thirteen' and 'Arete' have chatted much verbal abuse of the homeless on the regular Combine Chat today.

This falls under 'offensive behavior'. I think that they should be immediately and permanently banned from the Combine.

Edited By: Ausaris Sun on Year 14 Day 133 11:10
Year 14 Day 133 11:11
Ichiru Hanabusa

1) thirteen is not his handle
2) arete is probably the one who would have to do the banning
3) this is a demand not a question

Year 14 Day 133 11:19
Cael Graigan

Trust me, that's the least "offensive" thing I've seen from #swc-members in years.

Year 14 Day 133 12:13
Vaas Dae`skal

Bad Ten. Bad Arete. Go to timeout.

Year 14 Day 133 12:42
Kendall Holm

Arete is just plain offensive


Year 14 Day 133 13:31

Perhaps sharing some logs would help?

In either case, I'm sure its an overreaction.


Year 14 Day 133 14:51
Cael Graigan

I'll provide them for you! Spoiler: It's an overreaction.

Year 14 Day 133 15:36
That .. is a genuinely funny log. A+ would read again.

It does sound like an overreaction to a throwaway joke, and wishing homelessness on them in turn actually seems like the meanest line in there. Certainly no vulgarity or harassment, in any case.



Year 14 Day 133 15:51
I can ban myself. True story.

Year 14 Day 132, 15:43 Arete banned your ('your' being me) account providing the following reason: For being a big jerkface.

Year 14 Day 132, 15:50 Syn has unbanned you.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 14 Day 133 15:51
the OP is a new player within 48 hours (unless a recreate) so he might not understand the 'humour' that exists within the combine...

Year 14 Day 133 16:00
the OP is a new player within 48 hours (unless a recreate) so he might not understand the 'humour' that exists within THE INTERNET... 


Year 14 Day 133 16:02
^ hahahaha

....point taken....

Year 14 Day 133 18:16
Maha Michi

Bad Ten. Bad Arete. Go to timeout. 


In any event... some people don't even go to the members channel due to the nature of most of the conversations that take place there. You can always elect to not join that channel.


Year 14 Day 133 19:52
It was sarcastic joking around Auseris. Lighten up. Not everyone around here is as morally straight as you, its part of the game/culture. And they cant be banned for generic comments like that. It only really comes to warnings or bans when directed at other players.

Edited By: Jevon Lambright on Year 14 Day 133 19:54
Year 14 Day 134 0:15
Derrik Thynite

As a person who is periodically categorised as a 'hipster', I feel offended by this conversation and think you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Apart from Syn, Arete, Ten, Jevon, Heek, Cael and Kendall.


Year 14 Day 134 1:29
I love how its verbal abuse in a text chat room...


Year 14 Day 134 6:52
Year 14 Day 134 8:35
Ichiru Hanabusa