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Archives » Commerce Centres and Darkness
Year 14 Day 136 13:12
According to the rules in order to sell items on the NPC Market the Commerce Centre needs to be owned by a trading faction. I would like to know if it is possible to sell items to the NPC Market from a Commerce Centre on a planet owned by Darkness.

I have tried to sell items, such as trophies, in a Commerce Centre on a planet owned by Darkness with the Commerce Centre owned by Jesfa and I was not able to do sell items at that time. I was wondering if it was an error on my part or if it is not possible to do such a thing at this time.

Edited By: Aria Sablen on Year 14 Day 136 13:13
Year 14 Day 136 14:41
It seems like you answered your own question.

Year 14 Day 136 14:55
I do not see how I answered my question. Does Darkness and/or Jesfa have Trading faction capabilities? Is it an error I made or is it not possible to sell to Darkness owned Commerce Centres.

Year 14 Day 136 15:32
Neither Darkness nor Jesfa is a trading faction. :p



Year 14 Day 136 19:17
Despite his Centrepoint Space Station-like girth.

Year 14 Day 136 19:18
Just find a trading faction to work with you so it has market access, if thats what you need.


Year 14 Day 136 19:29
I think the problem is selling off trophies on Derra.


Year 14 Day 136 19:30
Maybe ask Jesfa to organise the commerce centers with a trading faction - my original plan when re-designing the NPC cities was that new players could access the NPC market, though obviously the change recently to needing to be owned by a trading faction ruins that.


Year 14 Day 137 3:40
I know Siejo and that is what I will be doing. If I remember correctly from other threads Jesfa was working on a few things related to NPC cities and transferred everything to Jesfa to easily work on them with everything being made back over to the NPC's after it is finished. Maybe give Darkness trading faction capabilities for the short term.

Thank you for answering the question. Feel free to close if desired.