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Archives » Faction Owner going inactive
Year 14 Day 136 20:46
If a Faction owner goes inactive and cannot be reached, is there anything the designated leader can do except sit and wait for the Owner to come back online, or try and pull enough assets and/or members out of the faction to dissolve it? Is it too much to hope there is some length of time that can go by before an admin can intervene and change ownership?
It has been 10 days since I have received any communication from the Owner that appointed me leader and I am not entirely sure what to do about this weird limbo state.

Year 14 Day 136 23:44
In the very distant past, the ASims would sometimes transfer factions if the owner was inactive for a month or longer. I am unsure if that is still done, but you could discuss the situation with Gav or Arete when the time comes. Ten days is far too short for any action to be taken, though. If the owner has left you crippled, you are just stuck in that situation for the time being.



Year 14 Day 137 7:43
Okay thanks. It was recommended to me by a few people on IRC to ask the admins about it and I figured it couldn't hurt.

Year 14 Day 137 14:00
Ten days also isn't very long in Combine terms. Could just be an extended vacation.

Year 14 Day 137 17:38
Typically, as Syn stated, after a month with no contact you could ask the ASims to look into it. They will usually then email the owner to see if they can return to retain ownership, or just make it over to the leader.


Year 14 Day 138 6:10
Thanks for the responses. Just for the record no I didnt believe that just 10 days was a long time to wait, I was just curious about the possibility (especially because he hasnt responded to emails or texts) and no one seemed to have a straight answer so I figured I'd go right to the admins.

Year 14 Day 138 21:32
Kuro Neko

Arch, is the main issue about protected faction assets, or because the owner isn't funding the faction?


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Year 14 Day 139 2:11
Sevk Ill`er

The owner is question is not inactive. His last log on was yesterday.