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Year 14 Day 137 11:14
Ace Rose
Ace Rose
I have been Arrested and executed but for someodd reason I glitched entering my ship. I was not alerted on being arrested by Xalitus Swindler but my logs so me being executed.

Here is my logs indicating it.


Year 14 Day 136, 8:26

You have been executed by Xalitus Swindler.


Year 14 Day 136, 8:26

You have died!


Year 14 Day 136, 7:54

You gained 1 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in city at (1, 10)


Year 14 Day 136, 7:52

You gained 5 XP with the following message: Finished crossing terrain at (10, 0).


Year 14 Day 136, 6:44

You gained 5 XP with the following message: Finished crossing terrain at (9, 0).


Year 14 Day 136, 5:36

You gained 1 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in city at (0, 10)


Year 14 Day 136, 5:11

You gained 1 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in city at (1, 10)

And is there a reason he can execute NPCs without haveing to wait for a cool down, He has arrested 100+ NPcs in less than 24 hours. He is also flying around in a yt1300 so if he is loading npcs on it then he cant fly as it is only capable of 8 players onboard.

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Year 14 Day 137 11:38
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
theres no cool-down on A/e only combat

Year 14 Day 137 11:42
Ace Rose
Ace Rose
Well in that case you either cant be executed because you have to fire a weapon in order to do it. So the admins need to implement it I think.


Year 14 Day 137 11:48
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
suggestions forum, there was an old thread you could revive

Year 14 Day 137 11:56
Adrian Owen
Adrian Owen
I believe you are wrong, you dont need to fire a weapon to execute someone, there are multiple ways you could execute without using a weapon, for example, she Arrest(trap) all your NPC in your ship and turn off the life support executing all of them in less than a sigh.

So yeah, sorry for the bad news but you knew he was in the crewlist of your ship?

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Year 14 Day 137 12:06
Xalitus Swindler
Xalitus Swindler


photo ZC_zpsf8ae0c9f.png
Year 14 Day 137 12:11
Please don't insult my sister, she is a female falleen not a male. Unfortunately for you, you stepped out of your ship at the wrong time and she caught you, you are now dead and its that simple :).


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Year 14 Day 137 12:13
Sevk Ill`er
Sevk Ill`er
What's your rank Ace?

Aside from that. You were on Dark Star Hellion Territory, meaning, when you are caught setting up builders to build on our territory, we kill you. Simple as that. You don't need a weapon. I implore you to read the A/E rules.

Have fun in the after life.

Edit: Just for verification.

Year 14 Day 136, 8:26 Ace Rose has been executed by Xalitus Swindler.
Year 14 Day 136, 8:23 Ace Rose has been arrested by Xalitus Swindler.
Year 14 Day 136, 8:23 An arrest warrant has been issued for Ace Rose

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Year 14 Day 138 4:47
Ace Rose
Ace Rose
Sense when is Dark Star Hellion Territory Oshora it is lable as Faerytail on the map so try again.


Year 14 Day 138 7:40
DSH is authorized to arrest on any of our (Ours being Faerytail's and Oshora II where you died being one of our planets) territory, hence their ability to arrest you there.

Year 14 Day 138 15:47
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: not here
Year 14 Day 138 18:32
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: not here
Year 14 Day 138 22:32
This isn't the place to try to flex e-penises. Be helpful or be gone.



Year 14 Day 139 6:15
basically Ace, to try to clear it up for you, here is a rundown of what happened.

the planet you were arrested and killed on, was recently attacked and taken over, Faerytale Medical currently owns that planet, that was once owned by the Infinite Empire, which is nationalized faction under the Galactic Alliance, you were serving in New Republic, which is one of the founding members of the Galactic Alliance, so you guys would have been fighting to try to take it back.

To win a planet back, you need to drop builders to build facilities, specifically flats, or facilities that people could "live" in. While exiting a ship in another factions territory, they can have mercenaries authorized to enforce their laws.

FTM (faerys) has hired and authorized the Dark Star Hellions to enforce their territory and therefore we have arrest and execute priviliges on Oshora II where you were killed.

When you stepped off your ship to drop more builders to continue construction or to start construction, my sister was able to jump out of her ship and being on the same square as you on the map, arrest and kill you, using proper jurisdiction.

There is no cool down on A/E, that would be kind of pointless, and no weapon needs to be fired, all you need to arrest someone is a pair of binders or stun cuffs, and for your skills in arresting to be better than the skills used by the person trying to defend themselves from an arrest.

So yes, the way the game mechanics are, we can continuoisly arrest and kill builders in the masses, as cuffs are not even required to arrest NPCs, you only need cuffs for individual player characters.

I hope this helps you understand what took place!

Edited By: Andy Longshot on Year 14 Day 139 12:13

Year 14 Day 139 16:59
Arrest/execute is working just fine. Andy explained it well.


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