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Year 14 Day 138 19:08
Rhan Komo

My HP reads:
Slightly Wounded

I am slightly confused by this, and before I forgot when I could have sworn it was 336 and not 236.


"Honor yourself."
Year 14 Day 138 20:52
Kendall Holm

You change race recently and or how long has it been since you last played?


Year 14 Day 138 21:59
Sevk Ill`er

Your HP is correct.

I assume you changed races to the DIathium. In which case you probably went down in HP due to their lower multiplier.

Your HP Is 236.

The 313 is what your current HP is, if you engaged in combat you only be able to heal to 236. For some reason, anybody who had higher HP before changing to Diathium retained their characters current HP at the time of the change. Think of it like a health boost till someone shoots at you or a creature swings its tail.

Hope that explains it to you.


Year 14 Day 138 23:20
Rhan Komo

Except I had only 126 hp before changing race. I thought bumping my strength would boost me up there and something funky happened. But oh well, I guess I am over average :P


"Honor yourself."
Year 14 Day 139 2:12
Sevk Ill`er

Umm. In that case, all I can tell you is that its due to the race change, and your got a health bonus for now :D

Year 14 Day 139 7:23
It's actually still a bug. It seems to recalculate your strength and xp levels and add the HP for those on top of the HP you had before, for the current HP.

I know Eric Jackson mentioned this in the past and his report was forwarded to Zhao, and that Zhao didn't consider it a big deal before the additional strength * level HP thing was known.. but it might be a good idea to bug base this if it isn't already since the current HP ends up a fair bit higher than it was before, and that could be problematic in some future circumstances.



Year 14 Day 140 20:08
Budai Gautama Tiure

Leveling seems to "remedy" this particular bug.

Year 14 Day 140 23:42
Yeah, leveling will update the HP, as will taking damage. In theory it's possible for players who don't level or do anything to lose health to keep the incorrect current HP value indefinitely, though.