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Year 14 Day 146 0:03
I have a shipyard space station and want to produce ships. How do I assign a faction as the manager to begin production? I want to still be able to own the station.


Peter Kurten
Black Hole Manufacturing
Year 14 Day 146 0:36
You just make the faction a Commander of the station. Someone from the ship faction will still have to start the production though.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 14 Day 146 1:03
And someone in that same faction will have to remain operator for the length of production (well, technically only for the end, but if you forget then its pain to finish it off).


Year 14 Day 146 1:50
Elias, are you sure about that?

Typing on phone is pain. I'v been doing lot of production lately, and almost never was part of menaging/production faction when it would come to end. Just operator. So is it bug, or does not work as intended?

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Year 14 Day 146 4:06
I agree with J'dej, we been producing two months now and no issues with not using managing faction's Operators.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 14 Day 146 6:05
Maybe it was changed with the production change a little while ago - some things changed and others didn't.


Year 14 Day 146 8:58
Sylvin Macflint

To Peter,
Most ship factions will allow you to jump into them and begin production, in my experiences. Especially if you purchase the dc's involved from them. Additionally you will need to pay the construction costs (perhaps with a slight user fee involved, but generally not the case if dc were purchased from them) for the entities involved to them as they are the parties billed for that, then they will make over the assets to you. After you begin production, most faction leaders allow you to insert their names as operators, be sure to assign your builders to them as well. Leave them assigned until production completes.
You may want to check with your faction leaders to find ship factions they have working alliances with to start with.

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Year 14 Day 146 20:05
As far as I know the Operator still has to be a member of the Managing faction at the end for it to finish correctly. Even at the end of retooling the same applies...

Year 14 Day 146 23:37
Nope, i'm producing and finishing as i type and am operator, but not member of managing faction. Fact is that i produce ships, vehicles and items as operator at same time. And it all finishes nicely while i am member of mining faction. And than start next product in line, as long as it is right managing faction. All i have to do as operator is to start is as member of managing faction and wave good bye.

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Year 14 Day 147 9:07
Ichiru Hanabusa

you dont have to stay but if you leave it uses the faction leader for the skills i think

Year 14 Day 147 15:04
Rho Karn

Well that seems like a pain. If we have the DC's we should be able to produce right? ("Sigh") oh well. It makes no sense to me....


Year 14 Day 147 16:55
Ending production is nothing. Once you start a production Item (ie one Queued Production Job) it doesn't matter who is Manager or Operator or owner. All the appropriate calculations were done using the Manager/Operator/etc. when the start button was pushed.

The only time "end" manager/operator matters is if you have another item in queue and want it to automatically start the next item. Technically then it's really just another "Start" of the 2nd queueitem, it's just something that happens automatically. I cannot recall offhand if it'll auto-retool despite a wrong-assignment of operator or not. I believe it will as I have a vague recollection of retooling a factory without being operator (ie just having Faction command room priv and "can produce in facilities").

RE: Ichiru's comment - No, that doesn't happen under Production 2.0 anymore. If you are Operator and you leave from a hopped faction, it no longer automatically defaults the Operator to the faction's leader on queueItem finish if the current operator is not a member of the right faction. If you're hopping to a shipfaction to start up a bunch of Queued items, you'll want to set the Operator to the active leader of the Shipfaction after starting up production. That way, when the first item finishes, it'll use the Leader as the operator for the check. That'll also result in the Leader getting the XP for that queueitem, but such is a price you pay for convenience.

Unless i'm mistaken, the Production rules still haven't been updated. I think I sent Gav a bunch of draft rules a while ago, but that included a number of features for Production 2.0 that haven't been confirmed / implemented - was just stuff Zhao talked about in his Production 2.0 thread.

RE: Jay - You're right on the Retooling need. The actual "production" action doesn't start until "production" starts, and That's when all the checks happen for Operator/etc.. If the factory/lab/shipyard/whatever has to retool first, either WAIT until it finishes retooling before hopping out, or make the Operator the Leader. You'll notice that if there's no retool action required (ie you're just starting up a new batch of the same type of DC) the production starts as soon as you hit the Start button, the money is taken right then, the RMs are taken right then, etc.

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Year 14 Day 147 17:05
Kendall Holm

Thats what the Rules forum is for ... Gav doesnt always handle or want to handle rules updates, he has a lot of other things he needs to do. Its who ever has the time and sees the thread.


Year 14 Day 147 17:15
I kind of.. maybe.. lost that email >_>


Year 14 Day 147 17:49
Sorry I didn't mean that the way it sounded or apparently was taken. IE No shot meant against Gav or others.

I'll dig that email up, edit out the non-implemented stuff and put it into a Rules Update thread for discussion, then maybe necro Zhao's suggestions thread to get the rest of it bubbling in brains again. Heck, I might even still have some good screenshots to use.

Edit: Ugh. Okay most of those revised Rules in my email are surrounding the non-implemented "Manager OR Owner" check for the proper Faction Production Type. Part of Zhao's voicing of wanting Ownership of produced entities to be flexible so a Production faction could Own a Factory / Station and rent it out to Anyone (faction or otherwise), who would then cover the production cost, manage/supervise the NPCs, provide the RMs and gain immediate ownership of the entity. Not sure if that ended up getting totally scrapped as an idea or not.

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Year 14 Day 147 23:44
" I cannot recall offhand if it'll auto-retool despite a wrong-assignment of operator or not"

It will, just checked.

Year 14 Day 149 17:33
J`dej An`k
Year 14 Day 146 23:44 " I cannot recall offhand if it'll auto-retool despite a wrong-assignment of operator or not"

It will, just checked. 

You're saying you can be a member of a ship faction, start a ship into production, leave the ship faction while still the Op and it finishes retooling and starts production? That sounds bugged.

In a queue also, if it needs to retool to a different item it will retool for you?

Year 14 Day 149 18:27
No Jay, not all of that. Just the retool part.

If you leave while it's retooling, and the Op is still you, it'll abort production for failure to have the Operator be in the Managing faction of appropriate type.

That's why we say if you're going to Hop, just stay til the retooling is done, or switch the Operator to an active member of that faction after you start it up.

With Production 2.0, a Different item will get autoretooled. However, the usual production rules apply, so while it'll retool okay if you're still OP and not in the right faction, as soon as it hits the "starting production" phase it'll abort.

That's why sometimes it's useful to queue up a ton of items, hop over to an items faction to start it, reset the operator to the Item faction leader, and then hop out again, coming back every now and then to feed the factory more RMs. You miss out on the XP, but XP sucks for item manufacturing anyway.

Year 14 Day 150 12:20
Kay, I was asking J`dej An`k because he's saying something entirely different and something I have not seen any evidence of:

I cannot recall offhand if it'll auto-retool despite a wrong-assignment of operator or not"

It will, just checked.

- J`dej An`k

I have always seen it be as you state, that you do have to be in the faction when retooling ends. In fact, I have had production abort at the end due to the Op no longer being in the correct faction but I do think that was pre prod 2. The retooling part will abort in prod 2.