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Archives » Can I have my account back please?

Aturgot I`lihs was my handle.

Ka`rla Leakey

Seeing as there is no sim news to say you have been banned in the last 2 weeks you can use the lost password feature to get a new password sent to your registered address.

If you have forgotten your password, the forgotten password feature should get you a new password to login. However, if you were level 1 and haven't logged in for over 9 months, you account will have been deleted and you will need to make a new one.


Ka`rla Leakey

last login was y14 day 138, so it seems like a lost password or a hacked account.


I typed in the proper email, but it says it doesn't exist. Is there account recovery or something?

Year 14 Day 148 10:21
Ka`rla Leakey

You will probably need to contact an admin directly on this issue then. Go to and fill out a ticket providing as much info as possible including handle, email address and possibly any other details you can remember to help convince them that you are the genuine owner of the account.

Year 14 Day 148 10:56

So I sent the ticket. But now I can't view the ticket. It never gave me the ticket ID.

Year 14 Day 149 16:21
R`dall Gr`ves

Your account says you logged in today.


Year 14 Day 149 18:08
Arete and him fixed it via the ticket