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Archives » Trying to understand the Galaxy map
I have been looking at the galaxy map and picked a place to hyper to but it says I can not travel to that area. There are no known systems there and it is just empty space on the map. Does this mean it is not searchable? Was this put in for future planning of a system?

There is a sector name for it, actually all of the empty ones have sector names, and it is in the systems listed when you pull down the destination bar in the hyper screen.

Any help understanding this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Blot Hlidskjalf

you have to enter the coordinates manually.

go to travel, hyper,
choose the x- and y-coordinates.
start the travel

Copy. Thanks. I didn't even think of that one. I thought if it was on there you could go.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.
Only the visible, named systems are present on the drop down list - everywhere else is just deep space or a hidden system.