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Year 14 Day 149 20:12
Some city start here, v nice v gud und nice for all...

..but, why city on ocean ??!!??

mpc stand on 0,0 on ocean alon !! How can she ??

Ebeda Tarmin
Friend Builder

Edited By: Choo Sea on Year 14 Day 149 20:15
Year 14 Day 149 20:34
Xakic Jix




Year 14 Day 149 21:07
Kendall Holm

Its helpful if you take the drugs after you post


Year 14 Day 149 21:23
Admin guy say this ??

..take the drugs after you post

- Kendall Holm

What die hell is that ?? Moderator plz chek this freak guy...he not belong here mor !

No motre buly plz.....

Edited By: Choo Sea on Year 14 Day 149 21:38
Year 14 Day 149 21:28
Xakic... ocean teraine ... build slab ... build city ... but ocean !

Ok..ok..1 bigg cities go ther...look gud now......citie on Ocean - ha !

Edited By: Choo Sea on Year 14 Day 149 21:39
Year 14 Day 149 21:38
He is not an admin.. but I really am not sure what you are trying to ask



Year 14 Day 149 22:15
Choo, Kendall said that because it is somewhat difficult to understand what you are saying. Please speak in coherent sentences for future posts.

This works because this is a sim. The tiles around the edge are only to show what terrain is below the city, and the N{Cs are standing in the "corner" of the city. They cannot be set for 1,1 because there might be a building there.

Year 14 Day 149 23:49
Wow, most incoherent post ever?

As Jevon said, once a slab is laid anyone can walk anywhere even on the edges. As to why you can get a city on an ocean terrain, floating cities al la Atlantis in Stargate.


Year 14 Day 150 3:41
Chaul Roden

Or like that cloning facility in the movies.


Year 14 Day 150 8:53
Thali`a N`ightshade

I have read that post four times now and still don't understand it. Maybe she was tired lol


photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
Year 14 Day 150 9:03
I think what she was trying to ask is why NPC are able to stand on 0,0 of a city that is build on ocean because the edges are shown as the terrain itself. But gods, that was the dumbest posts I read in a long time.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 14 Day 150 9:42
Kain Eckert

Perhaps Choo Sea speaks a diffirent language then english & is trying her best..
Even though it is difficult to understand it is quite obvious what she is asking.

No motre buly plz..... Not in the general question area.

Year 14 Day 150 10:14
Kendall Holm

No one here bullied her.


Year 14 Day 150 10:27
Vaas Dae`skal

Several people are making fun of the incoherent post because of the broken language, bit of bullying if you ask me, though the question does make sense until it's clarified they're only shown as ocean to show the terrain.

Year 14 Day 150 10:38
Kendall Holm

Its not though its just plain old teasing or making fun of. Calling it bullying is go way over board. You are turning a bad situation worse.

edit: And there was two negatives in this entire conversation. Mine was a tease, if I wanted to be insulting I would of outright attacked her and not come up with a fictional comment in order to jest at her language skills. The second was done by Lillith and if you read it again more carefully the insult was thrown at the post itself and not the person who made the post. And if that hurt your feelings I honestly dont know what to tell you sweetheart


Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 14 Day 150 10:49

Year 14 Day 150 10:46
Something smells like corned beef in here.


Rawth Shacklefist
Year 14 Day 150 10:50
Vaas Dae`skal

Using influence to intimidate. It's bullying.

Year 14 Day 150 10:51
Kendall Holm

Yeah that was great .... never knew corned beef was called that either


Year 14 Day 150 17:46
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

That is a bit odd, about the corn beef.

Also, I have never seen Choo post in such a retarded manner. Either she/he is drunk/high/trolling.

Year 14 Day 150 18:24
Maha Michi

"Also, I have never seen Choo post in such a retarded manner. Either she/he is drunk/high/trolling."
- Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Agreed, as exampled in the below post, Choo is quite capable of posting coherently in English.


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