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Year 14 Day 158 7:07
New leader appointed for Ellipsis!
Sunday, May 05, 2013 1:50 AM

Impa Xio, the leader of Ellipsis was replaced today by Logs in, fucks shit up, logs o Avicii Tempah.

- GNS Flashnews

Are we really going to allow immaturity like this become rampant in the Flashnews? I think these should be monitored once in a while and the guilty should incur a small fine.

Year 14 Day 158 9:00
Kendall Holm

I dont see an issue with that. Looks to me at an attempt to curb boredom with a little bit of humor. We do this all the time in my faction and some of the titles get far worse than that


Year 14 Day 158 14:04
I would like to chime in with a What The Hell vote on this one. I saw that last night, shook my head. If I have to read that one over and over I will find better things to do. Just like dumping friends who put crap like that on Facebook. I don't want to have to read that crap everytime I log on. I know I am only one little old meek member. But to allow this to happen shows a similar level of maturity.

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Year 14 Day 158 16:11
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