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Year 14 Day 158 9:10
Thrown weapons are not part of skill set and is listed desperate from projectile and non-projectile. So how is combat calculated using thrown weapons now that I can purchase them?



"And knowing is half the Battle"
Year 14 Day 158 10:12
Salyavin Chronotis

Nothings confirmed in the rules but from what i was told it would be more than likely a combination of Strength and Dexterity skills. i would say it would be based on the assumption of you need strength to throw the weapon and Dexterity to determine the accuracy of the weapons hit rate.

Year 14 Day 158 16:22
Thrown weapons are not currently implemented the way they will ultimately be used; they can be used right now, but don't use a weapon-specific skill so you will have better luck using a weapon type you actually have skill points in. There are a few ideas floating around in regard to how their final implementation will work, but I would be surprised if it ends up using strength (strength is considered a fully implemented skill, and already has a large variety of usages), or anything other than dex at all. Last I heard, thrown weapons may end up working unlike any other weapon altogether, but in the end you'll just need to wait for rules to be posted as these things often change over the course of the implementation process as balance dictates.

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