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Archives » New Faction HQ not Giving HQ Privs
Year 14 Day 160 22:19
Tik Nkik

A new faction HQ has now been completed and there is still no HQ is as if we are still without an HQ.

"Your faction does not have a powered HQ building; this feature is not available to you."

It is a Command Center.
It has power.
Faction is set to Manager.

Any help with this would be awesome.

EDIT: I just checked the protection on the HQ. Although when construction started, it was automatically protected, I can now unprotect it.

Edited By: Tik Nkik on Year 14 Day 160 22:27
Year 14 Day 160 23:43
did you recycle the old HQ building?

Is the new HQ owned by the faction?

"Faction headquarters (HQ's) are protected by default and cannot be unprotected, meaning there will be no way for them to be made over. A faction will always have at least one HQ facility or one datacard"

From what I gather from the rules when building a new HQ you will have to select the datacard for it, Not just any 7x7 building.

just an ideah, I am interested to see how this works.



Hal, he built a new HQ - no other way to get another one.

Tik, I'd suggest making a bug report about it and potentially making a support ticket to get an ASim to have a look and see if they can fix it manually for you so you can operate.


Year 14 Day 162 17:18
Xakic Jix

Yeah I just started a new HQ and it is not allowing me to accept new members either.



Year 14 Day 162 17:32
Tik Nkik

I have a bug report started for this and have also submitted a support ticket.

Thanks for all the direction...

Year 14 Day 163 10:01
Xakic, it wont work until the building finishes, as far as I am aware. Mainly because the facility has to be powered to be useful, and entities under construction cannot be powered.

Year 14 Day 163 11:44
Xakic Jix

Gotcha, thank you Jevon. The rules page might need to be looked into then.

Once a HQ is under construction the faction will once again be able to accept new members. 



Year 14 Day 163 14:35
Post it in the rules update forum please; it's unlikely anyone who can fix it will notice here.



Year 14 Day 163 18:58
Facilities can be powered before they are finished, you just need to do so manually. Power Gens won't auto-power until the facility finishes and the owner is the same.


Tik Nkik

Well, regardless of the rules prior to the HQ being completed, our HQ is complete and powered and it is still not giving us any privileges.

I really hope this get resolved soon...maybe not as a complete fix until the next sync, but even as a manual change as Ellias suggested. We have been functioning without an HQ for some time now, and we are starting to see the effects of it as a faction. Not sure if we will last much longer without an HQ.

Year 14 Day 164 11:04
Kendall Holm

I have a question. Is the HQ the proper HQ for the type of Faction you are? Why I ask is someone submitted a bug about this and was trying to use a command center for a trade faction. Which I do believe the system wont recognize for a trade faction


Year 14 Day 164 11:44
Tik Nkik

Kendall, that is probably my ticket.

When first starting this endevour of creating a new HQ, I started looking for unanswered questions from the forums. Here is a thread that helped me understand how to build the proper HQ...or so I thought.

I figured that since the Command Center was on the factions list of facility that could be constructed, that it was available as my factions HQ. :/

So, now that all is becoming more clear after the fact, is there any way that the said facility could be changed to the proper facility type for a trade faction? If this question can not be answered here, does someone know where/who I can send it where it can be answered?

Thanks for all of your time with this.

Year 14 Day 164 12:00
Kendall Holm

If it is on the list it means that is the bug. It shouldn't be on the list to be able to build.

But I did update the rules to eliminate confusion which can be found here


Year 14 Day 164 13:10
Tik Nkik

Thanks for your help Kendall.

Should I create a new bug ticket or edit the existing one?

Year 14 Day 164 15:59
Kendall Holm

Just Edit your existing one and I will edit the title and make changes to reflect the changes


Year 14 Day 166 16:26
Tik Nkik

It seems we might have gotten to the bottom of this issue. The real test will be once we get the proper HQ established.

That leads me into my next question on this topic. I have submitted a Support Ticket, but did not see a ticket number for the ticket, so I have no way of checking on the status and I have heard nothing via email. Is there another way for me to check on this?

I am asking if the bug facility can be changed into the proper facility so we can have an HQ.

Year 14 Day 166 22:23
Your ticket number is 111354, but you will receive an email if there is a response to it.

Tik Nkik

Awesome! Thanks Jevon.

Year 14 Day 174 14:33
Tik Nkik

All fixed up...thanks team!