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Archives » Another boredom question - Undocking while traveling
Sovan Theln

We all know that undocking from another ship while it's in hyper results in the loss of hyper for the undocked ship, but are you able to undock from a ship traveling in sublight? We see it all the time in movies, and a ship doesn't need to stay stationary to release its fighters, so is it possible here? Even more, can they dock back up with the "mothership" by being at the same position as it and docking, even while it is moving?

For example, a Lucrehulk (I like examples using them due to their capabilities..) is sublight traveling towards a planet. Could its fighters undock, even if the pilot of the Lucrehulk is among them, while it is traveling? If not, then I'll go make a suggestion for it. If so, then another thing I learned today.

This has been another question out of boredom while in hyper with your host, me.

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No, you can't undock from a moving ship, nor can you dock into it.


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Sovan Theln

To the suggestions forum!


That would be cool to throw in skill and maneuverability with a risk of damage to both entities. Let some daredevil go for it.


*Volunteers to be the daredevil and go for it.


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Kuro Neko

A few years ago it was possible to undock in subspace, and redock. I did this with a bayo and freighter. After undocking from the bayo, which was now unmanned, I moved ahead of it a few squares in the freighter and waited for the bayo to catch up, then re-docked. So the code was in place.

I think this ability may have been removed because it may have been possible to send ships full of people into suns...


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I think being able to send people into a sun would be a epic thing to do. It simply has to be coded

We did have it at one point and was removed because it is just a douchy thing to do.


There are alot of douchy things you can do in combine....doesnt mean they shouldnt be allowed.

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This is not the suggestions forum.