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Archives » Activate Desktop Notifications? (google chrome)
I Denied the Initial Request.
& the "link" in Settings only Refers to Moxilla FireFox.
I Use Google Chrome.

Are you asking how to set them back up?

Because if you are go to Settings in your upper right corner. Where News, Members, Rules are. All the way to the right it says settings, click that. When on settings go all the way to the bottom on left column and there should be a spot for desktop notifications. It is good for google chrome and Mozilla Fox. Just check the boxes.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.
I Have Looked Under "Settings" and Under "Desktop Notifications"
and where it Says "Firefox users can install this add-on to use this feature ..."
(you click "this" and a "link" sends you here:
where they offer HTML Desktop Notifications Version 1.2.2.)
I attempted to download and it informed me that I would need FireFox, and asked me if I would like to DownLoad Anyway.
I do not wish to Switch from Google Chrome.
So My Question Is: can I get Desktop Notifications for Google Chrome? How and Where?

Kendall Holm

Google Chrome has them built in the browser itself, you will not need an add on. In the game you will see a green(ish) bar that says turn on notifications. Click it. You can also click settings and go down to the desktop notifications and select which ones to receive.


If you read in settings where is says notifications, it says it is good for google chrome. You just need to make sure the boxes are checked for the notifications you want to pop up.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.