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Year 14 Day 164 11:01
Hello, im new and I have a doubt. Im going to make a miner character, and my doubt is the next one.

The most important stats for the miner is computer operations and management, plus vehicle piloting and freighter piloting? Or I got it all wrong?

Year 14 Day 164 12:58
Pilots stats arent so important if you want to manage mines and or become a prospector.
You can set the space skills as 3rd focus and put some points to fighter/freigher skills.


Year 14 Day 164 13:22
Comp op is for prospecting and is for finding rm deposits.

Management is for managing mines reduces cost time ect

Vehicle piloting umm I doubt you would be driving ground hogs or f7s around much, most prospecting is done by carrying those vehicles in a ship and docking/undocking.

Ship piloting I Guess it would reduce time it takes to cross terrain on a planet by a lol bit.

Personally lvl 5 comp ops and lvl 5 management should be all you need.



Year 14 Day 164 14:08
Thanks both of you for the ansenwers! I had more or less clear what comp op and management was important but wasnt sure with the rest (going to be Siniteen for the comp bonus). Tought I was going to use more ground vehicles what spaceship. Again, thanks both of you.

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