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Archives » Will there be a "surrender" option?
Mingolo Mingolonio

OK, so it has been explained before how A&E will work after full ground pvp is implemented. To arrest somebody you'll have to do combat with them until they fall unconscious, then arrest them.

But what about if I don't want to resist? Maybe they are telling me I will not be harmed if I surrender without fighting, or maybe my faction requires that I be temporarily arrested for a reason or another. I guess you could this by not equipping any weapons and letting them shoot at you until you go unconscious, which given no other choice I guess is what would be done, but this would mean the person arresting has to go on fire delay before being able to arrest you, which is not really fair to the arrester since you're really not in combat with each other, and might even hurt him in a battle setting.

So I'm basically asking if there will be a way to voluntarily let yourself be arrested without combat? Perhaps a setting like the one we have now allowing us to not resist an arrest attempt? If this actually hasn't come in dev talks before, then I guess I'm planting the idea here for the admins and coders to think about it.



Future rules I do not know. Right now there is no combat involved in A/E and you can always set your default A/E to no resistance and make sure your various situations are switched to your default setting. This way you do not run, fight, talk or hide, you simply jab your wrists out and say 'Cuff me and stuff me."


Mingolo Mingolonio

I was really asking about future plans for a/e, not its current features, which really I'm aware of.



I don't know that it's been addressed, Ming, but I would imagine that it would have to be the case.