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Year 14 Day 169 9:02

I do not seem to be able to log in, my handle is Malcolm Goodchild. This doesn't seem to work. I have tried every variation caps wise and still no access. I have also tried inputting my email to no avail.

The problem must be this (my handle) as I have requested and received a new password and copied and pasted this into the password box.

I have also submitted a ticket headed - "HELP - Login problem" & heard nothing back (submitted yesterday). I then try to check the status of this ticket and it ask's for the ticket number...I didn't see a ticket number so I submitted a second ticket about 10 minutes ago also headed "HELP - login problem and a ticket number/ref was nowhere to be seen.

I have asked for my handle to be sent to my email & waited...Nothing received yet...Not in junk either.

Starting to wonder if I will ever get back in.

Maybe partly my problem for not writing it down, I will however do this this time.

I hope you can help sort this issue out, failing that it's adious' amegous, it was a short lived game.

Year 14 Day 169 9:27
Seems I am not the only one who hasn't been able to find their ticket number's and or been denied access to their account.

See - "Can I have my account back please"...

Year 14 Day 169 11:08
Malcolm Goodchild
Last Login: Year 14 Day 165
Race: Duros
Gender: M

I take it this is a recent problem seeing as you last logged in 3 days ago?


Year 14 Day 169 11:25

Year 14 Day 169 14:37
Quote -"I take it this is a recent problem seeing as you last logged in 3 days ago?"

I did consider stating - "well obviously"...Have now though...

How about addressing the problem? Being - I can't log in now... (within the deletion of account timeframe)...Or do you need about 3 weeks notice...

Also my comment regarding "can I have my account back please" was mainly addressing - Where do we find our ticket numbers?? and why have a ticket number input box when apparently no number is provided. Which then equals us being unable to follow up on the tickets progress.

Clear as mud from what I can make out...

I would like a solution please & not some smartassed comment.

Thankyou for your very helpful post...However, a solution would be nice.

Year 14 Day 169 18:11
Per the tickets not giving you a ticket number, thats an issue with the system that is known and I presume something is being done about it.

As for logging in, have you tried using your email instead of your handle? Also, don't copy/paste the password, re-type it as it may be coping the blank spaces at the end etc.


Year 14 Day 170 0:03
That was actually to verify that you logged in before, rather than created an account and then couldn't log in. I avoid making smart ass comments on help threads but as for actual advice... Ellias beat me to the punch on it.


Year 14 Day 170 2:55

Np's Mesh.

Thanks for the info Ellias but I have tried all of the above previously and again today, just to be sure.

The only solution that I can think of would be for admin to email me my handle.
However, my email not working either (rather than inputting my handle) throws a spanner in the works regarding that one.

When copying and pasting.
I usually make sure that I don't include spaces either side, but have tried inputting manually also.

The only other thing that I can think of is that I may have the same problem that -
"Can I have my account back please" had?

Still unable to log in.

Year 14 Day 170 10:19
There are two accounts associated with your IP address. One is "Malcolm Goodchild" and the other has no handle. I can set the e-mail address for Malcolm Goodchild to something you can access, if that helps. Let me know what you want it changed to.



Year 14 Day 170 15:54

Thanks Syn....Appreciated.

I hope this doesn't go the way I think it will, being..."Nope can't use that one" - (handle)...Lol.

On that note, lets start with trying -

Handle - Alan Ellerman

Hopefully this will be acceptable, if not then I shall have to dig a bit deeper (handle wise).

Love your siggy by the way, reminds me of me....

Year 14 Day 170 16:00

Ps - The other account with no handle associated with my IP can obviously be deleted.


Year 14 Day 170 16:26

May have missed the point. Alternate email address -


Handle change option - from Malcolm Goodchild to -

Alan Ellerman

Think that covers every eventuality.

Year 14 Day 170 23:21
Okay, that's the e-mail associated with the Malcolm Goodchild account; I've sent a new password to it. Try logging in with that handle and the new password.



Year 14 Day 171 10:46

Worked and I am now back in.

Thanks again Syn, much appreciated. Shouldn't have any further problems now.